Summer 2021

CORNWALL Redruth E: T: 01209 219 921 CUMBRIA Penrith E: T: 01768 214 200 KENT Sittingbourne E: T: 01795 424 345 SEVERNSIDE Lydney E: T:01594 806 940 SOMERSET Evercreech E: T: 01749 802 070 SOUTHERN Chichester E: T: 01243 978 990 HEAD OFFICE Office B, Millbrook Depot, Yellingmill Lane, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 4JT E: T: 01749 823 057 LOCAL EXPERT INDEPENDENT Materials take off service available. Please contact for details. This brochure is designed and printed by Acanthus Press Limited. Tel: 01823 663339 DRAINAGE R EN1401 - Plastic drainage R Twin Wall Pipes and Fittings R Structured Wall pipe systems R Clay pipes and Fittings R Floor Beam Pipe Support Brackets R Concrete pipes and manholes R Channel drainage systems R Adaptors and couplings R Marker tapes R Iron drainage systems R Treatment plants R Grease traps R Septic tanks R Interceptors R Rainwater harvesting tanks R Pumping stations R Sustainable drainage – attenuation & flow control R Gully grates and frames R Manhole cover & frames R Drain testing equipment R Catch pits R Preformed bases and non-man entry inspection chambers CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS R Cement R Aggregates R Bricks R Blocks R DPC / DMP R Block and beam flooring R Wall ties R Air bricks, underfloor vents and extensions HARD LANDSCAPING & HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE R Block paving R Decorative paving R Kerbs and edging R Containment kerb R Tactile and hazard warning paving R Bedding mortars R Permanent cold lay asphalt R Pot hole repair R Street furniture DUCTING AND DUCT ACCESS CHAMBERS R Twin and solid wall duct in coils and sticks – all utility colours R Single and twin skin duct access chambers R BT Duct and chambers R Composite, steel and ductile cover and frames GEOTECHNICS R Woven and non woven geotextiles R Geogrids R Gabions and mattresses R Retaining wall systems R Grass protection and erosion control REINFORCEMENT AND ACCESSORIES R Mesh R Bar R Spacers in wire, concrete and plastic R Curing aid R Mould oil R Dust proofer R Joint fillers R Swellable strip and adhesive CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS R Multi grout R Expanding foam R Silicone R Construction adhesive R Water leak plug and waterproof coatings R Repair mortars R Resin anchor fixing paste R Block paving and patio sealant R Plasticiser, waterproofer and frost proofer R Powder plasticiser PRESSURE PIPELINES R PE Pipes and fittings R MDPE Pipes and fittings in blue and black R Barrier pipe and fittings R Couplings and adaptors R Ductile Iron pipe systems R Hydrants, Penstocks and Valves R Valve chambers & covers