Summer 2021

www. civils CIVILS NEWS AND PRODUCTS UPDATE Welcome to this our sixth Civils Store Newsletter. Once again, we are producing our newsletter in very uncertain, challenging and changing times. Against this back drop, communication takes on ever-greater importance and we sincerely hope that everyone will take some positive messages from the information contained within this document. At Civils Store, we pride ourselves on our independent, expert, local approach to the supply of civils and ground works materials. We ‘do what it says on the tin’ and it definitely feels that our consistency in this regard is standing us in good stead. At this time, it is very pleasing to be able to report on the addition of a further Civils Store location – Civils Store Southern and to welcome Jerry Inglis into our business. Whilst we describe this document as a ‘newsletter’ it very much feels that it has grown to serve as a combination of a brochure and reference point. Additional manufacturers are now included, with some of the latest product innovations highlighted. We very much hope that it helps in the sharing of product information. The pictures within the document show our commitment to stock and customer support. The business manager’s overviews reflect the culture of our business. The personalities in the local teams and the enthusiasm we all have for what we do and, the Civils Store ways of working. We sincerely hope that everyone will find this a valuable and enjoyable read. Given the uncertainties that exists at the current time, we are keeping our Coronavirus Safety Measures in place with regular updates in this regard posted on our web site. Please stay safe. LOCAL EXPERT INDEPENDENT Summer 2021 NEW! CIVILS STORE SOUTHERN TEL: 01243 978 990 Kevin Hancock Managing Director. 9 ADS Stormtech 07 9 Brett 10 9 Brett Martin 08 9 Cemex 21 9 Cherry Pipes 23 9 Don & Low 14 9 EJ 03 9 Enviromesh 15 9 Everbuild 12 9 FloPlast 25 9 Formpave 16 9 JFC Civils 24 9 Marsh 05 9 Marshalls Civils & Drainage 04 9 MEA 17 9 Naylor Drainage 22 9 Novoform 19 9 Plasson 27 9 Radius Systems 26 9 Saint Gobain 06 9 Stowell Concrete Limited 18 9 SWP Concrete Solutions 09 9 Tencate Geosynthetics 13 9 Turtle Enviro 20 9 Wavin 02 9 Wrekin 11 9 Civils Store A team 28 9 Civils Store Cornwall 30 9 Civils Store Cumbria 31 9 Civils Store Kent 32 9 Civils Store Severnside 33 9 Civils Store Somerset 34 9 Civils Store Southern 35