Summer 2020

CIVILS NEWS AND PRODUCTS UPDATE CONTENTS Introduction 1 A team(Civils StoreAdministration) 2 Web Site 3 Severnside 4 Kent 5 Somerset 6 Cumbria 7 Cornwall 8 Project Case Studies 9-10 Watts 11 Naylor 12 FloPlast 13 CPMMarshalls 14 EJ 15 Brett Martin 16 Don & Low 17 MEA 18 Radius Systems 19 Plasson 20 K Form 21 Enviromesh 22 Stowell 23 Wrekin 24 Larsen 25 Radius CTS 26 Marsh 27 Brett 28 Cemex 29 Swarm 30 Hydro 31 AquaSpira 32 Cherry Pipes 33 Reinforcement and accessories 34-35 Depot List & Products 36 Welcome to this our fifth Civils Store Newsletter At the end of last-year we were very pleased to welcome new colleagues opening our fifth depot – Civils Store Severnside at Lydney. Full details on the pages inside. This is consistent with our strategy of customer service, a product mix of civils and groundworks materials. Significant stock holdings and a local independent approach. The election of 12 th of December last year brought an end to much political uncertainty in the UK, only to be followed by environmental disasters on a staggering scale, significant world unrest and now Coronavirus. Following the Prime Ministers communication to the nation of 23 rd March we discussed options and the possible strategies we could take with colleagues across the business. Our number one priority being the health and safety of everyone but, keeping in mind the support of our customers. We all agreed to keep our depots open, initially on a collect only basis, with minimum staffing levels. Social distancing measures and appropriate signage were immediately put into place. All cleanliness was reviewed and disciplined measures adopted. All collection customers are met at the depot gates and, depending on their order the most appropriate traffic management / loading measures agreed. Whilst, ordering in advance is preferable we equally understand this is not always possible and under our procedures is not mandatory. Paper work is dealt with electronically or documents recorded on customer’s behalf. From March 24 th these practical steps and a common sense approach have worked exceptionally well. The level of business that has been transacted at all our depots has far exceeded our expectations. The orders we have supplied over this period have included essential works for hospitals, emergency Coronavirus facilities, water authorities, local authorities and, importantly, have supported our customers that have been able to work safely through this period with the materials required for them to stay operational. Throughout the period all of our supply chain has been in place with deliveries into our yards and direct to site deliveries available. We have up-dated our web site with a specific Coronavirus message every morning and it has also been pleasing to be able to include in this note the exemplary behaviour shown by all our customers in adhering to and embracing the necessary measures we have in place. The note from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – The Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP dated 31 st March paid tribute to all those working in the Construction Industry. Thanking everyone for their valued and critical contribution to the resilience of the nation. The importance to the economy of small and medium sized businesses is well recognised accounting for over 50% of GDP. Recent times very clearly highlight the difference in approach and importance at a local level of independent businesses across all sectors. From recent experience we know many people/businesses have now changed their purchasing habits. We thank all customers and colleagues for their great support through these very challenging and, maybe transformational times. Please stay safe. Kevin Hancock Managing Director. (Please note that the majority of this publication was prepared before the Coronavirus lockdown) LOCAL EXPERT INDEPENDENT Summer 2020 NEW! CIVILS STORE SEVERNSIDE DEPOT NOW OPEN. SEE PAGE 4